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Antonin Morillon

Antonin Morillon
Speciality : Head and Principal Investigator, DR2 CNRS

Antonin MORILLON                            Curriculum Vitae

Education and Qualification

Directeur de recherche CNRS (DR2), CNRS (2010)

Habilitation to conduct research (PI diploma) HDR (2008)

Permanent CNRS position: CR1 (2004)

PhD: INAPG Paris 11 university (France) (2001)

Engineer Diploma: INSA Toulouse (France) (1996)

Master Degree Bachelor of Sciences (DEA): Univ. of Toulouse (France) (1996)

Professional experience

04/2010 Transfer of the group to the Curie Institut: “ncRNA, epigenetic and genome fluidity”. 8 people.

12/08-03/10 In charge of external seminars (invitation, financial supports and organization) at the Centre de Génétique Moléculaire (CGM CNRS, Gif sur Yvette).

10/06-03/10 In charge of the “Sterilization and Media” facility in the RNA Department (CGM, Gif sur Yvette).

10/05-03/10 Group Leader at CGM (CGM CNRS): “Chromatin and transcription, repression mechanisms”.

02/02-09/05 Post-doc, University of Oxford (Oxford, UK): "Chromatin remodelling in yeast" (Dr J. Mellor).

10/1997-10/01 PhD student, IBPC (Paris, France): "Transposition in yeast" (Dr M. Springer).


2010 - 2014 ERC starting grant

2009 - 2011 ANR “REGULncRNA”, coordinator of 4 groups

2006 - 2009 ATIP-CNRS

2006 - 2009 ANR (collaboration)

2006 ARC equipment funding

2006 FRM equipment funding

International Awards

2008 - 2011 EMBO Young Investigator Program award for current research activity

2005 - 2008 Human Frontier Science Program, Career Development Award, post-doc

2002 Nine Choucroun Prize, PhD


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